Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Assassins creed brotherhood online multiplayer problems.

People have been disappointed with the online on the latest assassins creed by ubisoft. They say there are many problems. There seems to be 3 main problems and I have 3 simple solutions.
The first problem is how long it takes to find a game. Their is nothing you can really do about this except test your connection, but it tends to be the servers fault and their seems to be nothing you can do. I advise backing out and retrying.
The next problem is peoples huds or part of their huds keep disappearing. For me my ranking, number of people chasing me and chase meter all vanished which made playing very hard. To overcome this you should check the settings on the game menu simply press start then go to options, then hud then make sure dynamic hud is off and everything else seems normal. If it still isn't working try turning your console on and off this seems to work most of the time if not be patient and try again tommorow.
The final problem is a complaint about the gameplay. The problem is that the character takes longer to stun somebody than it does to assassinate somebody, this means as your trying to stun them they have already assassinated you. To overcome this I recommend a simple solution, instead of trying to stun them straight throw down a smoke bomb (obviously you will have had to select this ability before hand) then as they are coughing in the smoke you stun them and walk away victorious.
And that's seems to be the main problems for assassins creed. If anybody has any more they want looking into feel free to leave a comment. :) thanks for reading.

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