Sunday, 26 December 2010

A late Christmas day post on the multiplayerness of the new game: Assassins Creed Brotherhood

As I missed my post yesterday I thought I would do it today anyway.
Christmas is about sharing, giving presents, and spending time with your loved one; friends and family. So what better for ubisoft to bring out than assassins creed for Christmas which is two player?
Wrong. Despite the name assassins creed brotherhood the game is still one player. Ubisoft has installed new online gaming for their latest game but this is also one player and lacks in fine details. It seems that the time taken to find a game is a very long process but when you find a game it's amazing and great fun to play, as you sneak around trying to kill your target whilst running from somebody assassinating you. This is all fun as long as your hub doesn't strangely vanish for the game. But otherwise the online is a great addition but still not two player online unless you play on separate consoles in a party.
Even though the game disappoints with deceiving the gaming community by not delivering multiplayer it is still one of my favourite Christmas games (along with call of duty black ops, which will soon get a review of it's own) The campaign for Brotherhood is brilliant and the game play is truely brilliant. But the story line, without giving any spoilers, is similar to the other two assassins creed games and is quite short but still the game is a definate competitor for SINGLE player game of the year.
Thanks for reading i will soon be uploading some game footage and some post from Call of Duty Black Ops


  1. Erm.. Yes it is Multiplayer.. you play with your friends and you can play against people around the world.

  2. By multiplayer I mean two people on the same console.