Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Penrithian Earthquake?!

So as you may of felt at about 5 minutes to 11 at night 4 days before the day of Christmas a slight shock trembled through the town.
Now was this an earthquake? or was it something else? Today is the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice, and it was lunar eclipse, the first time this has happened on this day for 400 years, so maybe this was something supernatural?
So what exactly happened? Well I was happily gaming away as I do at this time when the whole house shook. At first I thought it was something on the roof? Maybe Santa had come early, I wish. But no it was not. I confirmed with my house mates and we realised that this was some sort of tremor. Also it has recently been confirmed by the local police at the command centre that it was indeed an earthquake there were believed to be two tremors, one of which most people should have felt, the other was a lot gentler. They cant be sure on the true size of the shock but they believe it to be similar to others which have happened in this area in 2008 and in 2002, measuring about 4 or less on the Richter scale. It is believed that the quake covered rather a large area, it could be felt in Penrith and even as far as Keswick has been confirmed! We still cant be certain of the exact number and exactly what happened but these are the facts. It has been confirmed by the news that there was definitely an earth tremor in Cumbria.
Thanks for reading, by a very shaken gamer. :)


  1. It has now been confirmed at 3.6 on the Richter scale!

  2. The epicentre ie centre of the earthquake was believed to be near to Keswick.