Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Black Ops Patch 1.06 Outrage!

So you may well know that the Black Ops patch, version 1.06, was released for PS3 today. And there was an outrage when this image was found on the PS3 console for search and destroy. The image was brought up on a forum not too long ago, it shows that when you go to play search and destroy it says "No Xbox LIVE party chat."
Well I don't think the Play station community wanted Xbox LIVE party chat on Search and Destroy anyway.
But none the less this aggravated a lot of PS3 console owners and even some PC gamers. They said that there systems were used "to test the patch and then they focused on the Xbox360." People were outraged that Activision would take up such biased ways.
I for one think this is a simple mistake and just needs correcting no need to complain really, but some people take things a lot more seriously. To be honest when I first saw this I laughed, it is very unlikely that Activision would favour one console.
If your an Xbox360 Console owner then don't worry, earlier today Phil Amaro (who worked closely on the update) tweeted that the new update will be out "shortly" for Xbox360 owners. Now shortly is a very vague term but I think we can assume that it will be available in the next 24 hours. I sure hope so, I for one am very fed up of having my kills stolen when I put somebody on last stance!

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