Friday, 21 January 2011

New Xbox360 Controller By Razer Out Now!

New Razer Contoller
So this is the first look at the new Xbox360 controller by Razer. Razer has come up through the ranks in the last couple of years to establish its position as a serious competitor in the gaming market, they have earned huge amounts of money with in the PC gaming community and now they have come to try and take over the console market, starting off with this new Xbox360 controller that is available for pre ordering nowx

Extra button on Razer Controller
So what's so good about this controller?
Well first of all as you can see it has an extra button on the back, so there are a total of four buttons and two triggers, these buttons can be assigned to represent any other button on the Xbox controller. This means you could be knifing with one of the buttons and going prone with the other, whilst the other two remain as normal, giving you an advantage over your enemy in first person shooters.
I'm not sure you can see this from the picture but the sticks resistance can be individually customized. This means you can make it more sensitive or less sensitive, so this will be good for being able to keep control on those tricky corners during driving games. And also you may have noticed that the D-pad looks different, this is apparently superior to the previous controllers D-pad, but Razer are still working on perfecting their D-pad.

Sounds brilliant, what's the catch?
Well the problem is the cost the controller is going to be around £35-45. We still cant be sure on the price at the moment but this is a rough estimate, this isn't that much more expensive than a current standard Xbox360 controller.
To conclude, this looks like a great edition to the gaming network and could revolutionise the controller market as it gives you a huge advantage over your foes. I think its well worth the extra money and cant wait to buy one myself. Hopefully it should be in my possession by February, but there is still no confirmed release date. We will just have to wait and see.
Thanks for reading, feel free to ask any questions, but at the moment there is a lot we don't know so don't expect a solid answer.

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