Sunday, 23 January 2011

Xbox360 Kinect Helps With Robotic Surgery.

Normally Robotic Surgery is used for difficult operations because it can be a lot more precise than big human hands, but the problem is that the surgeons operating the machines can easily bump into vital organs and cause some damage which could ruin the whole surgery.
Well in response to this problem some graduate engineering students from America have developed an Xbox360 Kinect hack which will solve the problem, it will allow surgeons to have a sort of map of the Human body and help a lot in surgery as they can create "force fields" around the vital organs to stop the robotic arms bumping into them.
Researchers say the Kinect is the perfect device for assisting in robotic surgeries, because it's already programmed to measure and map 3-D environments by using infrared light reflected off surfaces. And, most importantly, it costs only £150 which is nothing to the medical world. Fredrik Ryden, (one of the students involved) said this project could have cost up to about £50000 without the Kinect.
Sounds great but the Kinect isn't quite ready for surgery yet, it needs to be scaled down a lot as its meant to pick up the movement in a whole room so needs to be scaled down a lot which could take time, but this sounds like a great break through for surgery and shows how gaming is good for your health.

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