Thursday, 10 February 2011

How To Get A Perfect Start To FIFA11 Ultimate Team.

This is a short guide on how to get a good start to Fifa11 Ultimate team.
Fifa11 Ultimate team is played by over a million people all over the world. And its popularity isn't declining as new people are starting everyday. This is a short post on how to get the best start you possible can to Ultimate Team. You don't need to be brilliant at Fifa11 to do this technique but you need to be above average if you want to carry on further with ultimate team.
First of all you will be given 23 bronze players. Now you can change your team to the best starting line up but I tend to just leave it as its given to me. Now find the trophy that is semi-pro difficulty, this is the hardest trophy you can play at the time.
Play this trophy. When you complete it (there are only 4 games) you should have 2500 coins, to make sure you get maximum points in a game try and win every game 5-0 as this will give you maximum coins for the game, as you can't get extra points for any goal after your fifth goal. Also keeping a clean sheet means you wont lose 50 coins that game.
Once you have done this trophy you might want to put a couple of gold strikers (try not to spend more than 500 on each, but if you see any good deals take them whilst you can) You don't need to buy and gold player for this guide to work, but I get very frustrated with the poor quality of the bronze starting strikers so i tend to.
The reason for this is that the more gold players you have the better your rating will be, isn't that a good thing? No because this means your team difference will be highly in there favor and you will get less money for games in the amateur trophy.
Now play the trophy again but after the second game of this trophy (the sixth game in total) change your whole starting team to the other bronze players that have not played a game yet, those on your bench and those in the reserve pile, now everybody on your starting team should have 7 contracts each, your bench will have 1 contract each (you don't lose contracts if your on the bench as long as they don't play at all) This means you can play another 6 games, so finish this trophy then do the same trophy again.
Now this can be a bit boring and repetitive but as long as you haven't spent anything you will now have 75000 coins, which can buy you a full gold teams with ratings of around 80 then your free to carry on at will and do as you want. I would recommend not buying a pack with coins but instead trading them with other players, i would recommend discarding your bronze players as they are very hard to sell for good money. And if you are very enthusiastic i would say spend some Microsoft points on buying the pack of the week, the most expensive one, but obviously the best one!
So that is my quick guide to a good start on Fifa11 Ultimae team. Any questions?


  1. What is the best team you can get? All team of the week?

  2. It depends really, depends on your formation as some players prefer certain formation, and also chemistry is important cause it means your players work well together, you may have seen some people with a team all from one club or all from one country.

  3. Need to get a bit of pato and vany vart.