Sunday, 30 January 2011

Hand-held Devices of 2011

The hand-held marketplace has been very similar for the last decade, but 2011 looks to change that, and here is what I think are going to be the top hand-held devices of 2011:
  • The AppleiPhone4. The iPhone is a great seller still for Apple, and it is used by a lot of people for the apps. The app "Angry Birds," has had over 4million buyers making its producers a lot of money.
  • The Sony PSPgo. This is basically just a new model for the PSP, not really worth buying if you already have a PSP but still a nicer design and slightly clearer game play and navigation.
  • The Nintendo 3DS, this is the newest handheld console out by Nintendo, this is probably what I'm most excited about as it boast to be the first hand-held console to have 3D and even better you don't need to wear glasses!
  • The classic NintendoDSi. Which we have all seen before, this sold nearly twice as many sets as the PSP this year.
  • The SonyPSP3000, a slimmer upgrade for the PSP, supposed to have better graphics than the NintendoDS, and has included Skype software.
  • The Sony NGP (stands for Next Generation Portable) This is basically the PSP2 with a few added features.
Looks like the marketplace for hand-held gaming could vastly change this year, I think the Nintendo 3DS will make the biggest difference.

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