Monday, 31 January 2011

Microsoft Profits Going Down.

Microsoft profits dropped in the last quarter of 2010 compared to the last quarter of 2009. (note: last quarter means the last 3 months of the year so October, November, December.) Yes it was released a few days ago that even though Microsoft has sold over 8million Kinect controllers in this quarter they still haven't made as much as the previous year.
In 2010 they made $6.63billion (£4.18billion)
Whereas in 2009 Microsoft made $6.66 billion.
Even though this isn't as good this is a lot better than Microsoft expected because in 2009 they had the release of Windows7 to make them a lot of money, which it inevitably did. And in 2010 they had very weak PC sales which hits Microsoft hard as they are selling less office software.

So still a very successful quarter for Microsoft.

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