Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Playstation3 Hack, Warning.

A warning for all hackers of the PS3.
Sony has recently won a court case against George Hotz, who was a successful hacker of the PS3, he is not longer allowed to put any information on the web about the hack to the PS3, the hack allowed people to run any software on there console, including pirated games. George Hotz now has to hand all of his computers to Sony and has been banned from the web.
Also in addition to this Sony have added another security update to there console to download, which has resulted in some players being permanently banned from playing online.
"Help! I've hacked my PS3, what do I do?" This is a common question, whilst I'm not sure if the Hack is reversible you are very unlikely to be banned unless you draw attention to yourself. Also it is highly recommended that you avoid downloading the latest update if possible. But there are rumours that work is ongoing to find a way around this latest update.

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