Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Dead Space Aftermath, Possibly the Worst Film Ever?

So as you will most likely know Dead Space 2 was out last week, unfortunately I haven't played it yet but hopefully I will be doing very soon as the first one was great fun and terrifying to play. Anyway, back to my post. Today I heard there was going to be a film about it so I looked into it. And my God it looks like the worst film ever, so corny and cheesy.
Dead Space Aftermath is the sequel to Dead Space Downfall, both of them are animated films and both of them look truly boring. I mean why ruin a perfectly good game by making it into an awful film. The trailer is extremely unrealistic, with a girl walking straight in front of the zombie/monster and not noticing it until it rips her guts out, this is a great let down after all the time and effort that Visceral have put into there game play. This film could have had so much potential and have been an extremely scary film but sadly not, oh well back to playing Amnesia I guess.

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