Monday, 7 February 2011

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Downloadable Content "First Strike" Review.

It’s been a week since the release of Call of Duty Black Ops' first DLC content, which was made available to xbox360 gamers only, and what an exciting week it’s been! Of course, we all knew that there’d be five new maps, meaning choosing the best one will be down to personal opinion.
Berlin wall. This is the first of the five maps. This map’s colours offer very little in the way of variety, with Treyarch’s usual brown, greys, and greyee-browns being made visible. Despite this, the map plays well, especially for Domination game type, with the B flag being situated in the middle of ‘no man’s land’ famously guarded by the Automatic Sentry guns, which feature in the game; making it very hard to capture. Furthermore, the map provides excellent vantage points, buildings surround the snowy ground making difficult paths, especially in high traffic areas. On the whole, this map is better suited to the Ground War playlist.
Discovery is our second multiplayer map, a snowy military base beneath the green shimmer of the northern lights. Discovery has some partly destructible bridges, making for some entertaining capture the flag. It is, however, a very slow map – especially whilst playing Team Deathmatch, and that combined with half the enemy team using Ghost, can lead to a very long and boring game.
Next is Kowloon. This map is set in Hong Kong and is great for all combat due to its high buildings and long paths. Two zip lines in the map allow the player the ability to travel from one side to the other, however travelling on these lines can expose you to to the enemy for an easy kill. Due to its small size, it is perfect for short range combat; however note that there are multiple long lines of sight. The player should be wary that there are numerous entrances to many of the buildings, including climbing over obstacles and through windows. The map also features several high rooftops and posts to snipe from. However Kowloon includes some very silly design, as the Domination points such as B, are positioned so that it is very easy to capture, defeating the point of having a B flag.
Stadium is the final map in the multiplayer category Stadium will seem the most familiar to all. An ice hockey complex, the colours on this map are very vibrant and happy, and I believe will prove to be the favourite map of many players! It's a map filled with winding routes through the main concourse, but it's also punctured by narrow corridors that lead to open windows where camp-friendly players are a little too protected from the high intensity action downstairs. It's a fast-paced map for sure, with some awfully risky spawns, but in the whole very exciting to play and may replace nuke-town for the favorite map on black ops position.
Finally: Ascension this is last, but certainly not least, Treyarch’s third map of the Zombie onslaught. There’s not much to say about this map. It is certainly the best zombie map so far, with new features being introduced such as; the ‘Gersch Device’, this is a "Black Hole bomb," that can be deployed very easily, it sucks the Zombies into another dimension, destroying them all, which give you a change to regroup with your friends. Also without giving to much away there are a few edition such as the Russian dolls that fit inside each other called Matyroska dolls, these are essentially cluster frags and also some other new perks. They have also substituted the dogs and the scientist for perk stealing monkeys, these are very annoying as they will steal
your perks with no refunds and they will also move the perk spawners. Unfortunately there is a lack of good places to camp at, but overall this is a very good map with good potential to get to high rounds.
On the whole, First Strike offers a lot to both competitive gamers, with some exciting new maps including the slightly larger than normal maps which can allow some sniping for those wanting a challenge. And offers a lot to newer gamers who are just after a bit of fun with the new zombie map which is a lot better to play then the other two maps and just a lot more enjoyable. On the whole i would recommend getting this downloadable content as it is well worth it!
Sorry for the extra long post i just wanted to fit it all in. Hope you enjoyed, and I hope it helped those PS3 gamers who haven't decided whether to buy it or not.

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