Sunday, 6 February 2011

Micheal Phelps - Push the Limit

The newest confirmed release for Xbox Kinect is a swimming game which stars 14 time Olympic medalist Micheal Phelps.
The game involves Micheal Phelps helping to coach the newest upcoming swimmer, the player. The player will have to move there body and perfect there stroke technique to become the best on the wireless console, and eventually if you have perfected your swimming you can then challenge the great Micheal Phelps for a race.
Push the limit is about mastering and improving everything, from controlling your adrenaline before the race to perfectly timing the finish of your race.
"this definitely isn't your typical video game" says Phelps. (but then again he is bound to say that, trying to advertise the game more so he can get more money)
The game is due out in June 2011 and i think will be just another very similar Kinect game, but hopefully I will be proven wrong!

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