Saturday, 5 February 2011

Call Of Duty: Black Ops STILL Has Problems!

It's been 3 months since the latest CoD game came out breaking all sorts of records, making over £400million pound in the first week. And after 3 months of many gamers loving the new, game there are still thousands of complaints a day because of the many problems that gamers are experiencing.
There are complaints of people being thrown out of games, games freezing, connection issues, problems trying to join friends, and other various problems. Even i have experienced problems with the games online mode which can be very frustrating especially if your playing well, or have done something exciting and want to view it in theater mode but then you get kicked out the game for bad connection and the video isn't available.
The Xbox360 PC and PS3 are all affected by these glitches but it's the PS3 that is worst affected.
Activison have released several updates and patches to try and overcome this but not all the problems have been sorted and I now believe that its very likely these problems will never be solved or in fact maybe they can't be solved!
Many CoD fans have been known to go back to the earlier games, statistics show that there are becoming less and less people playing Black Ops each day and more and more playing CoD 4,5 and 6.
The future of black ops looks to be going exceptionally downhill, but maybe a big patch could rescue the game? Or the new map pack, first strike (review coming soon) which is now out for Xbox360? Well who knows? Only time can help, but I really hope Activison sort it out as it's great fun to play online but only with a good connection or when playing with friends.

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