Friday, 4 February 2011

Dragon Age 2 Demo To Be Released Shortly For ALL Consoles.

Bioware have just announced that the Dragon age 2 demo will be out for all consoles and will be released on the 22nd of February, just two weeks before the game itself is released.
This will give anybody who hasn't decided whether they want to buy the game a chance to try it out before you decide. And even if you are definitely going to buy the game it's still worth getting the demo because its been confirmed that if you complete the game you will be given a sick new weapon called Hayden's Razor.
The games demo is already out for all gamestop employees on their computers so we might be able to get some demo footage before the demo is available for the public. (but no promises)
I look forward to trying out the demo and trying the knew fighting style that this game promised and I am very excited for the sequel of a great game.

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